Don’t Pick the Girl

| By Alyssa Cao |

It was just 10 years ago, Where I was playing kickball in my school yard.
I still remember these moments very clearly,
Of the way I was treated by these boys.

Teams were chosen,
And I’d always be the last one to be picked.
Whispers among the boys ears…“Don’t pick the girl,”
“She can’t run or kick.”

Nobody wanted me.
It was the fact that I was a girl,
And much smaller than the rest of them.

The game starts and I was put last to kick.
I steadily watch the game as my turn is almost up,
I kicked the ball and made a homerun.
They were all so shocked that I was able to do that.

Reflecting back allows me to think,
Discrimination in the society towards females.
We are assumed to be weak compared to males,
But they don’t see what we’re truly capable of.

These common stereotypes,
Corrupts the society of how we perceive one another.
It affects how much one can do in their lives.

We are able to do whatever men do,
We can all accomplish the same,
And it’s up to women to step up,
To show the world what they’re capable of.

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