Self Love

| by Aimee Tran |

It was last night when I was laying down in bed staring out the window. I could see the dark sky and moon. I just started thinking about how I truly felt lately. For so long, I tried hard to lie to myself and trick myself into believing that I was okay and nothing was wrong. I smiled back when people smiled. When asked “how are you?”, I automatically replied “good.” But to be honest, I felt low. Sad. Hurt. Broken. Alone. Why did I feel empty every night. I didn’t understand why I allowed myself to get to this point. It was nobody’s fault but mine. And that’s when I realized. That if I’m able to put myself in this situation, then I also have the power to get myself out. I vowed to wake up everyday and work hard to do what makes me happy. To put myself first. To better myself. I am no longer going to sink into the thoughts that drowned me. No longer am I going to think “what if”. I am going to live each day with my head held high. I believe it’s okay to be selfish sometimes, because in the end, who is going to be there for you? YOU.

As I stared out the empty sky, for once time felt still. After those thoughts ran through my mind, I felt at peace. Here’s to new beginnings. To self love.

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