Not in the Pink

| by Tina Martel |

‘Not in the Pink’ is Tina Martel’s beautiful documentation of her entire experience surrounding her diagnosis and treatment of Stage Two B breast cancer. This amazing, raw, honest book, which was recently honored as a finalist in two categories of the 2015 International Book Awards, is a stream of sketchbooks, photographs, paintings and video, in response to and frequently in spite of what was happening to her. ‘Not in the Pink’ is a “graphic narrative” of the pain, frustration and frequent hilarity of her day-to-day dealing with the eccentricities and bureaucracy of the medical system. It is also a candid and moving exploration of the expectations often placed on you once you are diagnosed with cancer: by the people around you, by society and ultimately by yourself. To learn more about Tina and purchase Not in the Pink, please follow this link.

tina book_current APR2015 verCC

tina book_current APR2015 verCC2

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