Death of a Dream

| by Sue Calberg |

Sue Calberg is a journalist working for KENS TV. Today, she would have been celebrating her partner’s birthday. In this story, she beautifully and vulnerably shares how she discovered his death and pays tribute to his life

We had a deal, my sweetheart and I.
Living in different towns and seeing each other every other week,
we agreed to keep in close touch.
We shared a long distance lifeline, with daily phone calls
and messages.
So when he didn’t call Thursday like he promised, I worried.
Friday I sent a text message. “Are you dead?” I asked,
hoping he just got busy.
No answer. Then his phone died.
As soon as I could, I drove the 60 miles with a feeling of cold dread
and found him cold dead.
In his bed, fresh from a shower, wrapped in his favorite old comfy
robe, it looks as if he took a nap and forgot to wake up.
Now what?

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