What’s My Story?

| by Cynthia Newman |

My name is Cynthia Newman. I’ve always been fairly comfortable in my skin, preferring to be called my “real” name and not Cindy as most try to do. My name means, light, goddess of the moon, one who radiates. That’s me. I am amazed at how God works that out. Our parents name us when we have no personality and no history and somehow we grow into that reality.

I was born of tumultuous beginnings. My mother recounts that my dad wasn’t thrilled to be having a 5th child, no less another girl. Yet, had she gotten rid of me, as he suggested, she says she would have let go of one of the best blessings of her life! He has long since come to feel the same way. I say that proudly but without arrogance.  I am indeed my mother’s child and after all these years still stuck to her like glue.

That might be why I watched her life as a child very closely. My mother was and still is an icon to me. She taught me how to take every situation that was lemons and turn it into lemonade. It didn’t matter whether it was domestic issues, being a single parent, health challenges, money matters, my mom always came out on top. She instilled in me a will to win. It is that quest, this passion that I seek to impart to all women today.

My challenges have been many, but one by one I have overcome them all. I was married at 18 to my childhood sweetheart. Those early years were some of THE toughest of my life! Nobody (except my mom) said it would work. But here we are 28 year later, happily going strong! I experienced life threatening illness as a young college graduate. Doctors said I’d never be able to work…but I defied all odds! That was me, my husband, my mom and my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, pushing past what we see to create the reality that we wanted. By age 30, I decided I wanted to control my own destiny, so I quit my 9-5 (that was stressing me out, and making my health worse) to go into the financial services business with my husband. That was done to everyone’s chagrin, but once again we got through the financial muck and created a life that we are proud of. Today’s we’ve helped hundreds, if not thousands of people improve their financial lives as well.There’s so much to say but so little time! Ultimately, I’ve simply tried to take everything that life has thrown at me and turn it on its head.

Many look at my life and think it’s a fairy tale and it’s just not so. I have had to work hard for everything that I’ve gotten. I still do. I’ve had to scrape my way from the bottom of the barrel to get somewhere near the top. That’s my story and my message, that we all have a path and that each of us must get on to living our “life by design.” God’s has a life designed just for you! I’m just now learning to go with the flow and stop struggling against the tide of my life’s river. My faith in God keeps me strong, the support of my family and friends keep me moving. I won’t shrink back and I’m too big to play small.

I’ve got a quest to do something great and I’m going for it! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. What’s yours?

Join Cynthia Newman, Founder and CEO of the Raising Queens Initiative at her women’s empowerment conference this Saturday, August 22, 2015; Ivy Tech Corporate College and Culinary Center. More information and registration at www.Raising-Queens.com. To view the conference video, please visit this YouTube channel.

Check out her weekly inspirational blog, “ Life By Design” at www.lifebydesign.typepad.com

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