Join Hands for the SHE-VOLUTION!

| by Teal CracraftCo-Founder of SpeakYourStory |

Where do I even start with the question of why the SHE-VOLUTION and #NotBuyingAnyOfIt are so vitally important to me? There are countless reasons that I’m committed to female empowerment, that I believe women can absolutely change the world, that standing together and refusing to be silenced, sidelined and marginalized are the only ways we’ll gain true equality. The women that mentored, influenced, challenged, loved, inspired and taught me have also shown me that when we support each other, lift each other up and cheer each other on, the energy we create is unstoppable.

Women have this amazing ability to be fierce warriors while also being vulnerable, compassionate and nurturing. But, too often, women don’t see their own power, don’t believe they’re worthy and feel like they’re just not measuring up to the unattainable standards we’ve all been conditioned to believe are desirable – but, here’s the thing – who set those standards? Who said we should measure ourselves by anything? Who said that our gorgeous hearts and minds aren’t more important than our shapes and sizes? Who said that we’re not strong enough, smart enough and capable enough to run the world?

By joining the SHE-VOLUTION, we’re saying that no one has the right to make us feel less worthy, less equal, less qualified, less beautiful, less talented, less than. We’re saying that we decide what defines us, we choose how to love ourselves and others, we understand and embrace our power, we yell at the top of our lungs that we’re not standing for anything less than true equality.

To me, the SHE-VOLUTION is so beautiful because it calls us to join hands in sisterhood. All of us, every ethnicity, every sexual orientation, every religion, every reproductive choice, every social class, EVERY SINGLE WOMAN. If we do this, if we embrace each other and stand together in love and solidarity and proclaim that we’re #NotBuyingAnyOfIt, we absolutely have the POWER to change the world.

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