We’re not buying that we’re worth less per hour than men

doing the exact same work as us; we’re not buying that we’re not pretty enough,

valuable enough or strong enough.

We’re not buying that we need a partner or children to have a meaningful and full life.

We’re not buying that we need to be told what to do with our bodies,

or our minds or our hearts.

We’re not buying that a woman’s place is in the home, and not in The White House.

We are not buying society’s definition of us or the male patriarchy’s

chipping away at our hard-earned rights.

We are not buying that we are not equal in every way.

We are not buying ANY of it.

And so on October 1 2015 we’re going to show the world our power

by opening our mouths and closing our pocketbooks.

On that day we literally won’t be buying anything. Not one thing.

Because we aren’t buying that we’re not worthy, and vital and necessary and powerful.

We’re #NotBuyingAnyOfIt


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