Hiding the Scars

| by Inriiaynrae |

Is there any way out of this quagmire?
Or would it be best to just set it afire.
I smile, pretend I’m fine,
Keep it bottled up inside.
Innocence was stolen, gone in a flash
Guilt fell like a bucket of hot ash.
Violated estate, left in disgrace
A slave of shame has taken my place.
Looking into a mirror, disgusted by what I see,
Staring at a reflection I wish no longer be
How do I cleanse myself of me?
Rid this disgusting shell and be free.

All of my pain, all of my tears,
why did I let this happen for years?
Shouting and screaming up to the stars,
I lay in the dark, hiding the scars
the tears soaking my shirt
Why do I have to go through all this hurt?
Nights like these I wish it would rain
Cover up the shame and wash away the stains.

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