Motivation and Determination

| Anonymous |

At an early age I felt a disconnect from my mother.  I was the only girl with 2 brothers, one happened to be my twin.  My dad has always been in my life and has been a wonderful role model in my life.  My mom on the other hand never gave me compliments nor did she do mother and daughter things with me.  I often saw my peers do things with their moms, like vacation, beauty shop appointments, and shopping at the mall.  I often dreamed of having a loving relationship with my mother, but it did not happen till I was in my early 30’s.

I often think at times she thought of me as competition, I can recall when I got my 1st house built and she actually said “that’s ugly” what mom wouldn’t be happy for a single mother of 2 trying to do better for her kids?  I know some would say that we should be our own motivation, but when a child is young it’s a great feeling to have your mom be a supporter.  Young ladies need their mothers to motivate them to be better than them and to not let anything step in their way.

I remember when I was in middle school and was running track and playing basketball.  As a matter of fact, I was one of the top 3 fastest runners at 100 yard dash.   Do you think my mom ever came to watch me run track? No, she never had the time, and before you get to thinking she worked all the time, you’re wrong.  My dad would come when he could and cheer me on.  I forgive my mother today, but I’ll never forget.  I honestly, felt that if I would’ve had my mother’s motivation I could have went so far with my track career and probably have gotten a scholarship.

Once I had both of my daughters, I promised myself that I would not be my mother.  I have done a wonderful job at this point.  I enjoy taking road trips with my daughters and I try and say something every day that gives them motivation to continue striving in life. My daughters are both in college and working, they beat the odds being raised by a single mother.  To this day I will continue to push and motivate young ladies to do anything they want, and inspire them to not let others stop them from achieving any of their goals and dreams. I am a mother and I refuse to not motivate and encourage other young ladies.

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