• Pumped
    She wants to be desired. This young girl is very excited to become a woman. However, she was brought up with a skewed view on women. Her only goal in life is the wear stylish clothes, be pretty, and be desired by men. She is losing herself as she transforms into a mannequin.
  • Welcoming Affection
    She has confidence. She has learned to love herself. This mannequin has no limbs but realizes that affection comes in many forms, not just physical. She is confident and welcomes those around her. She deserves to be loved and you deserve to be a part of her world. Every part of her is beautiful.
  • Complete
    She accepts herself. This mannequin is incomplete, she has no limbs. However, she is not ashamed of who she is. She accepts her body and sexuality. She finds beauty in everything and will not make excuses for her actions. She is her truth, she is complete.

| by Heather Berg |

This is SYS’ second installment of the art series “Mannequin.” These engaging and provocative paintings portray the most authentic, flawed and identifiable parts of the female experience. To learn more about Heather and purchase her work, please visit her Facebook page.

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