Unwavering Commitment

| by Katie Morris, Co-Founder of SpeakYourStory |

My gammy, Helen Morris, had the kind of love that would change your life. I feel the loss of her words, her prayers, her care, her hugs every day. The story of how her love changed my life is one I can’t yet write. But there is no greater love story than the one she shared with her husband, my pop, Joe.

When my dad was not quite three, my pop went blind. Completely unexpectedly and with no medical explanation. My gammy and pop were farmers, and with the loss of his sight, their lives were upended. They had to move to town and figure out a new path. My gammy became a beautician, and my pop became a pastor.

He wasn’t always planning to be a pastor. In fact, when he lost his sight, they didn’t even attend church. But a handful of years later, they attended a revival at the local church of the Nazarene and, once again, their life paths changed.

My pop went to Earlham college in the mid-70’s to receive a diploma in theology, and my gammy went to every class. There were no braille books, so she read every assignment to him. When he graduated, Earlham presented my gammy with a diploma as well, since she had completed all of the same assignments. But my gammy, this woman whose faith could and did move mountains, declined the diploma. It wasn’t her calling to be a pastor, she was just loving and supporting her husband.

gammy and pop

gammy and pop

my gammy's handwriting, on the back of the picture

my gammy’s handwriting, on the back of the picture

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