This Is Our Time

| Amy Ferris |

Maybe this is fucking it, maybe – please, bear with me, i feel a rant coming on:

Had Hillary run against say, Bush, or Rubio…it would have been less vulgar, less vile – less dramatic. Less ugly. You know, politics as usual – or better yet, less unusual. And yeah, we would have cringed, and yeah, we would have rolled our eyes. And yeah, sure, we would have said fuck you a couple of hundred times out-loud, but I doubt we would have gotten sick to our stomachs, or felt so profoundly violated on such a deep personal level. I doubt we would be having thousands upon thousands of Cosby-esque conversations – cleansing our souls of secrets and humiliations on such a grand scale.

This is a massive wave, a tsunami.
This is monumental.

What Trump uncorked – unleashed – through his vulgar & sickening & wholly unacceptable predatory behavior is what was needed to ignite this five alarm under our asses. This is about everything we believe in. Everything we stand for. Everything we hold dear. Everything we could lose.

We wouldn’t be this impassioned, this angry; this bold – this defiant – we wouldn’t be this enraged if it were some usual milquetoast political suspect running against Hillary. Yeah, sure we would be righteous. Yeah, sure we would be pissed. Yeah, sure, we would chanting & marching and fighting the good fight for all the right – left – reasons. Yeah, sure we would be loud. Yeah, sure, we would shake our collective heads in disbelief at the typical expected bullshit rhetoric – but this – this is a whole new ball of fucking wax. This is about every single thing women have fought for. Every single woman I know is feeling this in her gut. In her soul. In her body. In her pores. Every woman I know is watching – witnessing – this crazy-ass-motherfucker go bat shit nuts, and saying: no more, no more, no more.

This is our time. Our time. It’s here. It’s now. We’re not going back. We’re not disappearing into the woodwork. We’re not shrinking. We’re not hiding. We’re not turning away. We’re not slinking back into the shadows. We’re not sitting down, we’re not giving up, we’re not giving in, we’re not giving away the goods, we’re not taking less than, we’re not taking crap, we’re not accepting crumbs, we’re not gonna do someone else’s dirty laundry, we’re not gonna crawl or crumble or fold. We’re not going to the back of the line.

We’re starting a whole new fucking line, girls.

Right now.


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