We are Here to Show the World What We’re Made of

| by Amy Ferris |

this is what i know this morning
post coffee
pre wine
it’s been a couple of hard months.
health stuff.
writing stuff.
not feeling it stuff.
not feeling good enough, not feeling up to it, not feeling joyous, getting a little scared & beaten with all this repugnican crap, all this nasty mean shit. a couple of aches & pains that don’t go away. yeah, you get it.

but the thing is.

messy, complicated, crazy-ass & sometimes unbearable.
and many times glorious, many times magical & exquisite.

it has come to my attention that i am a woman who likes being taken care of. ssssssh. this is a big motherfucker secret. spilling it now. and even though i look mighty fierce & bold, even audacious & powerhouse-like at times, inside of me, way deep, is a little girl who was neglected, tossed aside, quieted, made to feel almost, not quite, almost invisible. made to feel at times unwanted and unloved. who can relate? many i wager. and every so often that little human peeks up and out and i just wanna grab her & hold her & love her to bits, and tell her that she doesn’t need a soul, not one soul to take care of her, that she’s got what it takes. she’s more than enough. a gracious plenty. she is some kind of wonderful, that little girl. and the whole thing, the whole SHEbang is when we grow up we gotta take care of us. we need to take care of us, we can’t neglect us. sometimes that’s not written in the guide book. they forget to include that; that and how to use humidifiers.


so. here’s to each & every one of us who carry around that precious little girl or little boy who reminds us of the pain we endured, the sorrow we tucked away, the lies we buried, the images we hid in drawers & envelopes & inside our shoes – the soles. here’s to those out there in gracebook land who haven’t quite been able to put the past to bed, to bid it good night, to thank it for supplying strength & fortitude to face some ugly motherfucker monsters.

we are here to use our lives, all the crazy ass bits & broken pieces. we are here to stand tall, stand up, share our stories, shout our stories, inspire others, prove the power of the written & spoken word. words heal. words crack open hearts. words are salve. words are creams & vaseline & ointments. words save us. words shape us. words lift us, words embolden us. and yes, words can make us feel like we swallowed the sun.

we are here to show the world what we’re made of.
we are here to prove the absolute magnificence of the human spirit. each one of us is made of magic.
filled to the brim with extraordinary.

so, go on, use your life.
every bit. head to fucking toe.
every single bit that makes you glorious, gorgeous, a gracious plenty. & please, please, inspire & encourage someone else that they are not alone. cause at the end of the day, when all is said & written, supporting, championing another human gets us up & out of our own murky stuff, it pulls us up.

we lift our own life up when we lift someone else.
i know this for a fact.

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