Free and Happy

I was married for 15 years. My husband told me everyday how worthless I was. He said “you are fat, no one likes fat women.”

“You are not sexy, you ruin my sex drive.”

“You are a stupid bitch” “you are a dumb bitch like your mom” “you can’t cook”

” You don’t know how to clean”

“You can’t do anything right” on and on.

He would hit me upside the head or on my arms or legs or kick me. He even spit on me. One day I had enough and I told Him me and our daughters were leaving. He tried arguing and calling me names.

He punched me in the ear. I still left.

He would call and text. He would cry and I would feel bad. Then he would get mad when I wouldn’t come back.

I was broken and worthless so I thought.

A meek mouse who could not even look people in the eye when I talked to them.

I started working at a new place. There were some wonderful people who changed my life.

As I shared my story with them I began to see that my marriage was not normal and that I was not worthless.

I divorced him! I slowly began to speak up more. Say what I want and didn’t want. Take pride in myself and my accomplishment. I was finally free and happy!

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