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If you’re a loyal reader, consider becoming an annual member and showing YOUR support for the work of SpeakYourStory! In addition to feeling fabulous about your contribution to women’s empowerment, you’ll also receive exclusive content each month directly from co-founders Katie Morris and Teal Cracraft. We’re deeply devoted to the SYS community and so excited to offer YOU the opportunity to more intimately connect with us. Each month (and sometimes more frequently!) you’ll receive personal videos with encouragement, writing prompts, and inspirational quotes. Your SYS membership means conversation, connection and community building with women seeking to become their own best advocates and SHE-ROES.

We’re committed to bringing YOU the most authentic stories of women every single week, completely FREE (free of charge and free of distracting advertisements for stuff you probably don’t need.) We’re on a mission to change the narrative of what it means to be a woman, to eliminate harmful stereotypes, and fight back against the forces in society that want to stigmatize our most personal, life-changing moments and experiences.  In becoming an SYS member, you’re joining a powerful community that lifts women up and connects them with stories that will impact and change their lives.