Who We Are

Who We Are

Hi everyone, we’re Katie Morris and Teal Cracraft – the kindred-spirit team behind SpeakYourStory. We started this project to create a website dedicated to telling the unfiltered stories of all women. We deeply believe that every woman has a story to tell, and that the story-telling process is cathartic, brave, and redemptive.

Too often, our most life-changing, beautiful, messy and sometimes ugly truths are hidden from those we love out of fear, shame and judgment. We know, because we’ve done it too. When we launched our website, we didn’t expect to see so many women bravely come forward and share their most stigmatized experiences. We’ve read stories of domestic abuse, intimate partner violence, eating disorders, mental health conditions and abortions. These courageous women helped define our mission and lay the groundwork for what lies ahead.

From the beginning, we’ve been passionate about creating a safe space for women to tell their stories. What we’ve come to realize is that we can achieve so much more. Together, we have the power to change the face of the most stigmatized experiences and the harmful labels associated with them. The life events that shape us should not isolate us through fear and shame, but serve to unite us in unbreakable ways. By publicly sharing our stories, we make the statement that we will not be marginalized, dehumanized and ignored. We will form a strong community that embraces the stories of women with love and compassion.

As we grow our website and platform, we will add resources for women who are seeking help. The organizations we connect with will align with our values and mission to support and aid women in ways beyond the cathartic process of story-telling.

From the very bottom of our hearts, we thank you for visiting our website and hope that you will join us.

For more about our background and our mission, please read our Mission Statement and the original story of SpeakYourStory.

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